Samples and Rates

8mm and 16mm home movie transfers to DVD or Digital Files: We transfer 8mm, Super8, and 16mm - including sound film! All work is done right here at MediaHouse so there's no worry about your film being handled by anyone else. All home movie film is inspected, cleaned and repaired as needed, then monitored and adjusted during transfer for the best possible exposure and quality. Each reel has its own chapter thumbnail image and description on the DVD menu. Your film is treated with great care by an experienced technician.

A home movie transfer sample with optional Title Screen and Background Music. 8mm Film transfers to DVD or SD MP4 Digital File: .24 per foot, Sound 8mm and 16mm: .26 per foot. All film to 1080pHD File or ProRes422LT: .30 per foot. (Min. Chg. $49.95).
Perfect for Celebrations, Memorials, Birthdays, Anniversaries. Photos and Slides to a really nice slideshow: from $99 including 50 scanned slides or photos, 2 titles and your music choice.
Quality transfers to DVD or MP4 Digital File from VHS, Hi8, MiniDV: $15 per hour of video (min. 1 hour per tape). Betamax: $25 per hour of video (min. 1 hour per tape) 1080p HD or ProRes422LT add $5 per hour. Bring us your USB flash drive or buy one of ours for $20.
8mm Home Movie Film transfer to DVD or MP4 File = .24 per foot. Sound 8mm and 16mm Film= .26 per foot. All film to 1080p HD or ProRes422LT File = .30 per foot. Minimum $49.95. Each reel is cleaned and repaired, then adjusted for exposure as it is transferred. No short cuts here!
Photos and slides scanned, adjusted for exposure and colour, edited to DVD or digital file: from $99 including 50 scanned slides or photos, 2 titles and your music choice. Additional image scans are $1 each.
A little taste of the latest show presented by Cambridge Dance Studio. Filmed and edited by MediaHouse. Filming rate: $100 per hour. Editing rate: $60 per hour.
8mm, 16mm Home Movies, Video transfer to DVD in Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo, Guelph and Brantford, Ontario.